Klau Geomatics launches mapping payload for DJI M300

By on 1 July, 2020

Klau Geomatics’ mapping payload for the DJI M300 features a top-mounted KlauPPK unit and custom gimbal supporting a choice of Sony cameras. Image provided.

Klau Geomatics has released a payload for survey grade mapping for DJI’s flagship M300.

The new drone-independent payload comprises a KlauPPK module mounted via a custom Klau gimbal for Sony cameras, and choice of an RX1r2 camera with fixed 35mm lens or a4600 with a choice of lenses.

Klau says that with their fixed components, these cameras carry their calibration and can eliminate the need for ground control points (GCPs), besides checks. The Sony a7R is also compatible and has a higher pixel count, and necessitates GCPs for high accuracy to counteract lens errors due to its internal moving parts.

Klau says that its PPK unit offers best in class positioning, with 2-3cm XYZ accuracies achievable in many regions. It is top mounted modular system, containing its own IMU, antenna and battery.

Robert Klau, director of Klau Geomatics, said that beyond the greater pixel count than the factor cameras, the large sensors in the Sony cameras capture more data in each pixel.

“Think about the quality of the data you are collecting. With KlauPPK you can reduce your side overlaps and still achieve solid aerial triangulation (AT). With the quality lenses and sensors in the Sony cameras, you may want to increase your ground sampling distance to cover more ground, but still achieve accurate, quality results,” he said.

“You can fly longer, cover more ground with less photos and achieve better accuracy and quality than previously achievable.”

The DJI M300 has been celebrated for setting a new standard in multirotor endurance with 45-minute flight times, a figure that Mr. Klau said should not be significantly impacted by the additional weight of the Klau payload, which comes in under one kilogram, under the M300’s 2.7 kilogram payload capacity.

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