Boundless partners with Planet and Spatial Networks

By on 13 June, 2017

Planet’s satellite imagery viewed within Boundless Connect.

2017 has been a massive year for Boundless. Six months have passed since the company launched arguably the first complete suite of geospatial software platform in 2016 with four services: Boundless Desktop, Connect, Exchange and Suite. The company has just announced a new update to its flagship software, Suite 4.10.

Now, Boundless has unveiled its plans to link its open geospatial software with high value datasets. The company has named the first two partnerships with global data suppliers that will see its products integrated with satellite imagery and intelligence datasets.

Partnering with Planet

Boundless has just announced a strategic partnership with satellite imagery provider Planet (formerly Planet Labs) to create an integrated imagery ecosystem. Following its acquisition of Terra Bella, Planet now operates history’s largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites. The new partnership enables Boundless customers to access the massive library of high-quality Planet imagery and fast-loading imagery basemaps within the Boundless Connect ecosystem.

“This partnership significantly advances the content available through Boundless Connect, and expands our ability to provide high-quality imagery to Boundless users,” said Anthony Calamito, vice president of product for Boundless. “This represents a major step forward in providing our growing user base with valuable insights through Planet’s content. We are excited about this partnership and all the capabilities that will be delivered to our users, now and in the future.”

Founded by a team of ex-NASA scientists, Planet’s goal is to image the entire Earth every day.

Boundless Desktop users can already access Planet’s content through the Boundless Connect plugin. Planet content is also accessible through Boundless Suite and Exchange subscriptions. The partnership with Planet will provide access to automated basemaps optimised for clear seasonal coverage, completeness and visual quality, perfect for map backdrops.

Quarterly or monthly timelapse basemaps will also give users access to the latest imagery. Image Tiles will also be available from from PlanetScope (4-band- RGB and NIR) and RapidEye (5-band: RGB, NIR, and Red Edge)

“This partnership is a huge step forward in delivering the most extensive and up-to-date satellite imagery catalog and basemaps to the broader geospatial community,” said Alex Bakir, vice president of product marketing for Planet. “Boundless’ open, flexible platform pairs perfectly with Planet’s data and platform services, and gives Boundless users the tools and content needed to integrate seamlessly into their workflows.”

Partnering with Spatial Networks

Boundless have also announced another partnership with geospatial intelligence firm Spatial Networks. This new partnership aims to bring unprecedented software and data solutions to government and defense customers worldwide.

Since its founding in 2000, Spatial Networks has provided unique and authoritative geospatial data for global business and competitive intelligence applications for Government and Industry.

“This new partnership not only arms government and defense customers with unparalleled technology, products, and support, but also provides users with a rich content catalog organisations need to gain deeper intelligence and insights using location-based data,” said Andy Dearing, CEO of Boundless. “We are excited about this partnership and all the capabilities that will be delivered to government agencies, now and in the future.”

More to come

Ahead of further updates to their open geospatial software platforms, Boundless are expected to announce further strategic alliances with data providers in June 2017. Subscribe to Spatial Source to find out who else will be partnering with Boundless.

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