3D maps set to digitally inform the Rio Olympics

By on 2 August, 2016


This Olympics will be enjoyed in a new way thanks to the innovative 3D maps of Doarama, part of CSIRO’s Data61 group. With just a matter of days until the Opening Ceremony on Saturday 6th August, the 2016 Rio Olympics is set to be lightyears ahead of previous Olympics in terms of digital viewing technology.

The new 3D tool known as Doarama will be used to provide customised 3D interactive map visualisations of a number of the endurance events in the 2016 Rio Olympics. The tool combines GPS tracking, animation, satellite imagery and interactivity to bring 3D reality to what until now has been a predominantly 2D experience. Fans will be able to interact with the maps by controlling how they view the route in a 3D virtual world.

Doarama was also recently used in its first major sporting event, the Tour de France. Doarama provided both terrain profiles and course maps were combined.

CSIRO’s Data61 Software Engineer and head of Doarama, Pete Field said the 3D maps are changing how we experience endurance events, both for spectators and for athletes.

“Until now we’ve made do with a 2D overhead map and a separate terrain profile,” Mr Field said.

“3D fly-through maps were only available to large media broadcasters, and even then, these maps were limited to a single point-of-view, and only made available for the largest races.

“With Doarama, sport routes can be made available online, and it is completely interactive.”

The interactivity provided by Doarama allows the viewer to move around inside the 3D world while the route is laid out before them. This allows spectators to view the course with a new sense of reality, and also allows athletes to better understand the venue to prepare in advance.

Click below to explore the route for the Tour de France using Doarama.

The tool for the Olympics aims to demonstrate the versatility of Doarama to the world, with a range of sports selected.

Doarama allows anybody to create their own 3D maps, share experiences using it on social media and allow content providers to embed Doarama into their web service.

Originally launched in 2013, the revamped Doarama platform has seen huge uptake with approximately 400 per cent user growth over the last 3 months by offering a new, engaging way to gain a deeper understanding of the environment and obstacles that athletes are tackling.

In addition to the Tour de France, the tool has already been used for paragliders, ultramarathon races and the RedBull XAlps competition.

For the Rio Olympics, Doaramas have already been made in advance for the road cycling, triathlon, marathon.

To keep track of Doaramas progress and for further information visit doarama.com.


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