Position Magazine February/March 2015

By on 9 December, 2014
Position Magazine February/March 2014

Position Magazine February/March 2014


We’re currently looking for hot stories to include in the Feb/Mar issue of Position Magazine, which will feature the topics of:

3D visualisation – making the planning of commercial and industrial developments, as well as that of public spaces and utilities much more accessible. It is now possible to build a whole mine, port or even city in the virtual world and examine in minute detail such issues as shading, visual and environmental impact, and put it out to public consultation, without even moving a stone.

LiDAR and Rapid-3D capture and processing – these two highly important specialist technologies will also come into focus in this issue, highlighting the contributions these technologies make to the spatial industry.

Urban planning and infrastructure development have been transformed from informed guesswork to a precise science, aided by a range of sophisticated tools and advanced software solutions. Decision makers at every level of government and commerce can now access service providers, information technology and advanced equipment from a large number of sources, and are bound by their charter to research widely and select the best.

Tying in with urban planning and infrastructure is the increasing use and utility of Building Information Modelling (BIM), which will change the way that not only building owners manage their properties, but also the way that occupants interact with them.

We’ll also take a look at the issues surrounding Big Data, including processing requirements, methods to gain the best insight, and those surrounding availability and privacy.

Bonus distribution!

The Locate 15 conference is the premier industry event for ANZ with key associations, companies and leaders supporting the consolidation of three national events.

As the media partner, the Position February/March Locate Conference Special will include program highlights, news, interviews with speakers and industry leaders, as well as features from sponsors and exhibitors. In addition to its regular circulation, this issue of Position magazine will be distributed to all delegates, visitors and exhibitors at the Locate conference.

Position magazine’s 75th issue will report on the latest news and developments, advanced technology and sophisticated uses – and users – of the available expertise and equipment in the above fields. If you’re a user of the above technologies, and are looking to be featured in the issue, please contact Position’s editor Charles Pauka Charles@intermedia.com.au

If your business supplies any of these equipment, software and/or services, Position 75 will be your chance to reach the decision makers who select and specify the vendors and their products/services. Don’t miss out! Contact Troy Hale today! thale@intermedia.com.au

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