Leica calls its TS60 the ‘most accurate’ total station

By on 20 February, 2020

Leica Gosystems’ new Nova TS60 total station. Image supplied.

Leica Geosystems launches its newest TS60 robotic total station with a bold claim.

The firm holds that the new Nova TS60’s vital specs — offering angular accuracy of 0.5″ with a distance accuracy of 0.6mm + 1ppm — support its statement.

“We designed the TS60 for highly demanding surveying projects, requiring the world’s highest levels of accuracy and to reliably operate even in the harshest conditions” said Hans-Martin Zogg, business director at Leica Geosystems.

“We integrated new capabilities to help surveyors save time and increase productivity with the fastest re-lock in case of interrupted line of sight – be it rain, fog, dust, sun, heat shimmer or reflections – and automatically measure instrument height.”

This last feature — the imaginatively titled AutoHeight — does sound handy, along with the new station’s claimed ability to lock onto moving prisms via its new DynamicLock function.

The new Nova TS60 also offers the ability to take a photograph of the surrounding area that includes previously collected points, and data can be analysed and processed on board with Leica’s Captivate software.

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