New long range unmanned helicopter for ocean inspections

By on 4 December, 2017

Texo DSI’s new High Eye HEF 32 unmanned helicopter.

Texo DSI has added a long range VTOL UHS (Unmanned Helicopter System) to their range.

The industrial drone firm has acquired the High Eye HEF 32 Unmanned Helicopter, an unmanned VTOL UAV, allowing operation from shore-based locations to deliver detailed inspection of ocean-based assets without the associated risk and logistics of marine transport and transfer of personnel. The system weighs below 20kg, benefits from a ballistic parachute and water recovery systems, and scores an IP-67 rating to allow operations in inclement weather.

With a 50km+ live HD Data link and a 4.5 hour flight time, the system is fitted with an ADS-B transponder unit forincreased interoperability within manned airspace and helping to avoid conflict with traditional aviation.

It can adopt interchangeable payload options, including advanced 30x optical zoom HD camera systems, thermal imaging, LiDAR and UV Corona applications, to accommodate both maritime and land-based missions.

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