Fugro wins TasNetworks contract for 3D network model

By on 10 February, 2021

Fugro has been awarded a contract to deliver a 3D virtual network model and analytics for TasNetworks’ power distribution network.

Under the contract, Fugro will create a ‘digital twin’ of the distribution network by capturing aerial lidar and imagery data and processing it using cutting-edge machine-learning and cloud-computing systems, according to the company.

The finished model and analytic tools will allow TasNetworks to analyse engineering and vegetation clearance data to assist in managing bushfire risk around its network.

In assembling the digital twin, Fugro will capture high resolution imagery with helicopter-mounted cameras for distribution poles in high risk areas, to be identify corroded or damaged assets for immediate action and inform longer-term asset maintenance and replacement plans, according to the company.

TasNetworks’ General Manager of Network, Commercial and Major Customer Services, Michael Ash, said: “Helicopter checks are crucial for spotting defects and keeping powerlines as secure as possible and Fugro’s virtual model of our network will generate actionable insights for us to take preventive measures. Keeping Tasmanians safe is our highest priority and we’re moving decisively to run the best possible inspection and maintenance programme to help save lives.”

Fugro began acquisition in December 2020 and has delivered the first datasets to TasNetworks.

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