Best of the Blogs 11/9/12

By on 11 September, 2012
Both The Atlantic and BBC (and maybe more?) have run similar stories on the technology that runs behind Google Maps – that is, how Google was able to capture and bring together such a vast amount of information. Take your pick from the two, of, if you’re feeling really indulgent, why not read both?
If you chose to read The Atlantic article above, then you should know that the All Points Blog points us to an episode of Tech News Today that interviewed a Cartographer to discuss the article.
Three years ago while camping in the Adirondacks, Michael Comeau dropped his camera into a small stream and was unable to find it. This past July, John Noerr stumbled across the camera and was able to track down the owner of it thanks to some creative thinking, hard work, and Google Earth.
The Thematic Mapping Blog author, Bjørn Sandvik, is currently travelling around New Zealand, and has put together a post that collates some of the places that you can grab the country’s copious free public data.
Map Brief has a post that examines the way the public actually use web maps, based on data collected from the city of Denver, Colorado in the US. It’s a must-read for anyone that is in charge of their company’s webmap products.
Stamen Maps make some of the coolest maps about town, based on Open Street Map, that you can embed on your website, or create a static image from. GIS User highlight a particularly striking black and white ‘Toner Map.’ Go take a look.
And what would a Best of the Blogs be without a post from Google Maps Maina, hmmm? This week, it’s their ‘Google Maps of the Week’ round up, because of the Solve 50 Problems in 50 Days project, which serves as a beautiful example of what happens when a designer gets his hands on Google Maps.

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