PAS to distribute hyperspectral imaging systems

By on 29 October, 2013


Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) has announced a partnership with Headwall Photonics Inc., a US based company headquartered in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, which involves the distribution of Headwall’s ground-based and airborne imaging systems for Remote Sensing in Australia and New Zealand.

In announcing the integration, PAS Managing Director Paul Martin stated “Hyperspectral Imaging is a required tool for the remote-sensing community, and we’re very pleased to announce our alignment with Headwall.

“We can offer our clients solutions for UAVs and manned aircraft, while at the same time showing how the technology is also perfectly suited for field use, in high speed advanced machine vision applications, for environmental monitoring, precision agriculture, and exploration sciences”.

Manufacturing a range of instruments, including holographic diffraction gratings and optical modules, Headwall’s systems are specifically designed for ground and handheld use through to airborne and commercial satellites for applications including Earth Observation, Resource Exploration, Environmental Monitoring and Disaster Management. Additional applications include industrial, commercial, remote sensing, precision agriculture, and government markets.

Headwall CEO David Brannon commented on its product alignment with PAS: “Remote sensing customers and the mining and exploration community will benefit from Portable Analytical Solutions’ ability to offer its customers a complete remote sensing hyperspectral package that complements the other ground-based technologies they represent.

“Remote sensing is most precise when airborne and ground-truth capabilities are synchronised, and PAS will have the unique ability to provide the very diverse Australian market with integrated solutions.”

Hyperspectral Imaging can rapidly and non-destructively image anything within the field of view to determine its chemical and spectral fingerprint. Hyperspec Sensors are designed around Headwall’s patented aberration-corrected diffraction gratings, which can deliver exceptionally low stray light and spatial and spectral resolution. These characteristics are fundamental to hyperspectral imaging, and every Headwall instrument is built upon this technical foundation.

Together with Headwall’s reputation and PAS’ collective 20 years of experience in the industry of analytical instrumentation, PAS are confident that this opportunity will successfully complement its existing NIR, XRF and RAMAN product range, providing customers with additional solutions to meet their specific remote sensing needs.

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