GeoSLAM launches ZEB Discovery at INTERGEO

By on 18 September, 2019

GeoSLAM has revealed the latest tool in its arsenal of simultaneous localisation and mapping devices — the backpack-mounted ZEB Discovery.

Designed to be combined with the firm’s ZEB HORIZON LiDAR scanner, the Discovery is being promoted as an end-to-end solution, adding an NCTech iStar Pulsar camera to the mix, and a tech-looking backpack harness.

The DISCOVERY’s software automatically synchronises the point cloud with the high resolution imagery as it is captured, and the backpack allows the sensors to be used on foot, for those that might already have the HORIZON LiDAR unit for UAV point cloud capture.

Commenting on its launch, Shelley Copsey, GeoSLAM’s CEO, said:

“Our unique CT SLAM has been commercially available for over six years, and as with all algorithms, the more it is used, the smarter it becomes. This really sets us apart from newer entrants to the SLAM market where a younger, less complex SLAM algorithm is used, or where there is zero flexibility in the way the hardware can be used.”

The announcement of this new device comes timed for the massive INTERGEO conference currently taking place in Stuttgart, Germany.

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