Faro releases Focus Swift indoor scanner

By on 4 August, 2020

Faro has announced the launch of its new Focus Swift indoor mapping solution. 

The firm calls the Focus Swift a ‘fully integrated’ mobile mapping solution, meaning it is a complete system composed of a Focus laser scanner, ScanPlan 2D mapper and Faro’s SCENE mobile laser scanning software.

As the product’s name suggests, Faro claims that the Swift is a fast capture solution — up to ten times faster than traditional static scans, according to the firm’s announcement.

The swift captures up to 1 million points per second while mobile and 2 million per second while stationary, providing 3D accuracy from 2 to 10 mm. The device ways 17.5 kilograms including its carbon fibre tripod, and packs down into two carry-on sized cases. It is compatible with ASTEM 57, LAS, and XYZ file formats.

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