New journalist for Position and Spatial Source

By on 21 April, 2015

Anthony Wallace

This week marks the final week for Spatial Source and Position Magazine’s resident journalist, Simon Chester, as well as the arrival of the publications’ new journalist, Anthony Wallace.

Simon is leaving the publications after more than four years to pursue a life in the UK.

“During my four years at Position Magazine and Spatial Source I’ve met some wonderful people, learnt about some amazing technologies, and had a great time informing readers about the latest happenings in this most critical industry,” said Simon.

“However, adventure is calling, and I will be embarking on a nearly 4 month overland adventure before arriving at my new home: sunny ol’ England.”

Anthony will be a great fit to both Position and Spatial Source, as he has skills in both spatial information and media, having completed both a Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying and Spatial Information Systems) through the University of New South Wales, as well as a Master of Arts (Writing) through Swinburne University.

“I’m excited to begin this new era in my career, and look forward to bringing the readers of Position Magazine and Spatial Source the freshest spatial news and insight from across Australia and the world.”

Anthony’s surveying career began in his first year of studies at UNSW with engineering surveying firm, Geoimage Services. During his engineering degree, Anthony completed a study abroad program at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology where alongside PhD students he programed a GPS receiver from the ground up. Upon his return from Sweden, Anthony became a geospatial analyst with RPS Group and later joined land surveying firm Rygate & Company Surveyors, where he was involved in cadastral surveys, GNSS technologies and Aboriginal Land Council consultation. In writing his final year thesis, Development Strategies for Sustainable Growth, Anthony discovered a love for writing and couldn’t help writing well over the prescribed limit. Anthony graduated with first class honours, was nominated in the NSW Excellence in Surveying and Spatial Information awards for his thesis and presented at the ISNSW Australia Day Seminar in 2011.

A return to studies saw Anthony pursue his passion for words and technology by completing a Master of Arts through Open Universities Australia. During his studies, Anthony kept busy by learning practical media industry knowledge in casual roles as a music reviewer, copywriter, interviewer, content creator and social media strategist. After graduating, Anthony was employed as a communications officer/digital content manager at The Institution of Surveyors NSW, where he had a heavy involvement with the NSW surveyors monthly magazine, Azimuth, to which he still contributes regularly.

Welcome aboard, Anthony!

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