Best of the Blogs 21 May 2013

By on 21 May, 2013


The Washington Post has an interesting map outlining the world’s ‘most and least racially tolerant countries’. It’s an interesting topic to cover, if frightfully difficult to measure. So much so that a professor who studies race and ethnic conflict has taken the time to contact the Post and respond to the map, the follow-up response is available here.


23 years after a five-year-old was abducted from his Kindergarten in China, his mental map of the area – combined with the use of Google Maps – has reunited him with his long-lost parents. The amazing tale awaits you over at Yahoo! News.


The All Points Blogs has a post outlining the Columbia Journalism School’s Tow Center for Digital Journalism plans to run a weekend workshop on ‘sensor journalism’ in June. What’s that? To quote: “Sensor journalism changes data journalists’ usual practice of using existing data for stories, to handing them control of data collection. But how to do that – both practically and ethically – is a challenge.”


Interested in the new Google Maps interface, but don’t yet have an invite? Google Maps Mania has undertaken a bit of a weekend hack, and has knocked together ‘Not the New Google Maps’. Check out the post for the details and the link.


LiDAR News has posted a recommendation for a white paper created by Watershed Sciences, entitled “LiDAR Pulse Densities Comparison”, as it does a great job of explaining a complicated, and oft-misunderstood, topic.


Google Maps Mania also has a post honouring the 70th anniversary of the ‘Dambuster’ attacks in WW2, showing off an interactive map of the missions, created by the BBC. The post also shows off some lovely vector-tile based ‘hand drawn’ map effects.


Following up from last week’s GeoServices REST API controversy, Cameron Shorter has published an open letter on the LISAsoft blog – it provides a fairly good overview of the contention, as well as a list of those that signed the letter.

And, as a bonus, here’s xkcd’s take on Geoguesser.

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