Geo Connect Asia conference kicks off in Singapore

By on 24 March, 2021

Geo Connect Asia 2021 begins today in Singapore as a hybrid conference combining in-person presentations as well as virtual online sessions.

The two-day event is expected to attract almost 1,000 business visitors, delegates and speakers in person, and up to 1,200 additional virtual attendees.

This year the theme will be ‘Mapping the data-driven future economy,’ reflecting the ongoing thrust of digital transformation efforts that are affecting every sector of society and industry.

One focus will be the so-called post-pandemic ‘green recovery,’ which involves the transition to renewable energy, rolling out electric vehicle charging networks, remodelling cities to make them less dependent on cars, increasing tree coverage and building flood defences… something of topical importance for eastern Australia.

A number of Australian experts will be presenting during the conference, including:

  • Phil Christensen, Vice President, Digital Cities, Reality Spatial Modeling at Bentley Systems, who will be taking part in the discussion on the role of digital twins in infrastructure planning;
  • Dr Lesley Arnold, Director of Geospatial Frameworks & President-elect at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, who will describe a future enabled by machine readable data; and
  • Dr Mehdi Ravanbakhsh, Chief Executive Officer at Mapizy, who will outline mine rehabilitation assessment with satellite images and machine learning.

Among the wide variety of topics to be covered during the conference will be:

  • On the move: Smart transportation for dynamic urban landscapes
  • Digital twins: Transforming the dynamics of connected infrastructure planning
  • Easily accessible data for the future of geospatial planning
  • Building resilience and sustainability into ASEAN geospatial planning
  • Harnessing the power of satellite imagery for a sustainable future
  • Smarter infrastructure for sustainable cities
  • Putting 5G to work: Intelligent use cases

Geo Connect Asia 2021 runs from 24 to 25 March. It’s not too late to get involved. Check out the conference website for virtual registration options.

Pictured, left to right: Phil Christensen, Dr Lesley Arnold and Dr Mehdi Ravanbakhsh.

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