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By on 28 January, 2018

Position Partners’ MAGNET Office is a powerful processing and CAD software for surveying and civil engineering applications. This software allows you to align your workflow so that it is seamless and integrated.

MAGNET Office delivers reliable functionality with the added benefits of cloud-connectivity and a simplified module structure that gives you better value for money.

LandTeam is a multi-disciplinary, survey, civil engineering, town planning, project management and water servicing coordination company that implemented MAGNET Office because it needed uniformity of software across the business.

LandTeam was established from the merger of three companies and Greg Goodman, Managing Director of LandTeam found that the merger of three different companies meant there were three different lots of technology. Specifically, there was a range of five different survey software solutions, including MAGNET Office, being used across the company.

When Goodman decided to unify the software system, he chose MAGNET Office for a variety of reasons.

“It’s widely used, it’s always progressing, it’s user-friendly and a lot of the young blokes coming out of TAFE get involved with MAGNET Office so they’ve got an instant base to start calculations on rather than learning some other software package,” said Goodman.

“One of the other big moves to Position Partners, and thus MAGNET, was the serviceability. We like the back-up, we like the way we can phone up Position Partners and get answers, we like the way that if we’ve got to get our equipment serviced then there will be a back-up made available to us and we like the fact that on most of the engineering jobs and construction jobs across NSW it’s Position Partners’ GNSS on the machines. It’s the coverage.

“Plus, it’s value for money. The licensing and maintenance charges make it very functional from a price point of view as well.”

Steve Galic and Jodie Kast from LandTeam using MAGNET Office.

Implementing MAGNET Office across the company has allowed for inter-office transfer of survey information and decreased double handling saving time and money.

“We can send a survey crew to the Highlands office to do survey work up there that has been calculated and prepared in the Highlands office and through our computer network we can get into the file and upload it ourselves and away we go,” said Goodman.

“We’ve certainly increased our effectiveness and efficiency in relation to our survey work.”

Currently, LandTeam has Topcon GNSS and MAGNET Office meaning both the equipment and the software are integrated. Goodman’s next step is to upgrade the total stations to Topcon so LandTeam will have a fully integrated solution: GNSS, total stations and office software.

It’s handy to have your instrument provider also providing your software. They’re always talking to each other. It becomes a seamless process,” said Goodman.

Position Partners and Topcon are presenting the MAGNET Conference in August this year where Goodman is leading the users wish list session. Attendees will be invited to help shape the future of MAGNET Office by providing their own wish list for future enhancements.

The MAGNET Conference is a one day only conference that will provide attendees with a full breakdown and demonstration of the latest updates to the MAGNET software. Attendees will learn how they can use MAGNET Office to improve efficiency and productivity within their own businesses.

Goodman has been working on his wish list to share during the wish list session. His two-fold wish list includes:

  • MAGNET software to get on top of Land XML:
    “Land XML is a formatting of the deposited plans that are lodged with LRS for registration. They’re really having a push over the last couple of years to format our lodgements in a Land XML format,” said Goodman.
  • When preparing a DTM, the breakline and process within MAGNET Office could be improved:
    “It would be nice to see those things concentrated on so that preparing the DTM through MAGNET is a seamless process,” said Goodman.

The MAGNET Conference will be Chaired by Garry MacPhail, Executive Director and National Geospatial Manager of Position Partners.

Jason Hallett, Vice President of Global Software Business Development, Topcon Positioning Group will present the Topcon Vision to attendees, giving attendees the inside scoop on what’s next for MAGNET Office.

Members of the Topcon MAGNET research and development team will be on site to discuss and present upcoming developments and address any challenges end-users may be experiencing.

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend information sessions detailing the MAGNET Office Version 5 release, new features, enhancements, reviews and product demonstrations. Attendees will also benefit from MAGNET Office support desks and Tips and Tricks sessions.

Throughout the conference, the Position Partners national MAGNET support team will give MAGNET software users the opportunity to participate in three punchy classroom sessions and multiple workshops targeted towards specific features of the software.

The Q&A Panel will give attendees the chance to ask MAGNET Office experts questions specific to their own needs. The Q&A Panel will comprise:

  • Jason Hallett, Vice President of Global Software Business Development, Topcon Positioning Group
  • Barkley Hensley, Senior Product Manager for MAGNET Office Products, Topcon Positioning Group
  • Scott Wielt, Senior Manager of the MAGNET Product Management Team, Topcon Positioning Systems
  • Graeme Hetet, Technical Support Manager, Position Partners (NZ)
  • David Banks, Senior Application Specialist, Position Partners

This event will be assessed for CPD points.

Position Partners and Topcon will present the MAGNET Conference on 17 August at The Westin Hotel, Sydney. Tickets to the MAGNET Conference are $300 + GST each, with an early bird rate of $200 + GST each if registered by 13 July 2018.

For more information or to register for the MAGNET Conference, call 1300 867 266 or visit

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