Best of the Blogs, 24 September 2013

By on 24 September, 2013


LiDAR News has an interesting use of LiDAR, with a near-real time facial capture tool, for use in the entertainment industry. It claims that it reduces specific manual post-production tasks to just a few automated minutes.


With the change in government also comes changes in staff, with three public service heads sacked last week, including Blair Comley at Resources, Energy and Tourism, which sits above the Office of Spatial Policy.


GIS Lounge has a post that discusses the latest, fifth edition of the popular ‘Thinking About GIS’ book, released through ESRI Press.


Google Maps Mania steps away from its Google roots with its latest post: 5 Beautiful OSM Styled Maps. And they are beautiful. A must-see for carto-inspiration.


And that’s not the only OSM-based post on Google Maps Mania: here is an OSM based map (and tag cloud) of English pub names. Did you know that the most common name for pubs is the Red Lion?


Speaking of OSM, here’s an interesting use: there is now a competition for game developers to use open data, and – as part of it – they are encouraged to build levels using Open Street Map data. Quite cool.


Archaeogeek has a round-up of the FOSS4G 2013 open source Geospatial conference that was recently held in Nottingham in the UK, and which he helped organise.

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