Best of the Blogs 24 July 2012

By on 23 July, 2012
Wired Magazine has an interesting article on a recent experiment where a UAV was commandeered by spoofing GPS signals. Just ignore the typically sensationalist Fox News report embedded in the middle.
Gizmag has an article that talks of a high-resolution Doppler radar that can detect the velocity of individual raindrops. That’s some serious detail.
Merimbula News has a piece that talks of research being undertaken that is creating fully autonomous UAV flight patterns based on the swarms and flocks of flying insects and animals seen in nature.
The Sydney Morning Herald has an article on one of Google Maps’ latest 360-panoramic additions – Antarctica. You can now take an armchair-holiday to Earth’s most southern continent.
Very Spatial points us to some research recently conducted that found out that your area of origin affects the way you give directions. Americans tend to give directions by saying street names and giving cardinal directions, e.g. “Go North on Main St”. Europeans tend to give directions by saying the number of streets to go and whether to go left or right, e.g. “Go up two streets, then take a left”.
The Google Earth Blog has a post that highlights some ‘dubious deserts’ – places that look like deserts but aren’t really. Some beautiful images here, and, of course, links to view them on Google Earth.
The Aerometrex ‘From High Above’ blog has a post that looks at the Kangaroo Island bushfires four years on. Some great imagery.

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