Best of the Blogs 24 February 2015

By on 24 February, 2015

Ecological land units map

Wired talks of a new map created by the USGS and Esri that charts that shows the most detailed view of the world’s ecological land units, at a 250x250m resolution.


GeoAwesomeness has the news that OpenStreetMap has now launched A-B routing. A landmark moment in an amazing journey, and a testament to the power of crowdsourcing data.


GIS Café has a post pondering just what the ramifications of the newly proposed FAA UAV rules will be for the US.


Views Of The World has created two cartograms around the leaked HSBC data that show the various placed and amounts of money hoarded away by greedy individuals.


Maps Mania showcases two 3D globes (based on WebGL) that beautifully visualise the flights currently making their way across the world.

Maps Mania also has some Instagram maps that allow you to find interesting things nearby; a tourist vs locals map of Bangkok based on tweet data; as well as its usual round up of the best maps of the week.


The GFOSS blog has announced the latest major release of the free GRASS GIS software, v7.0.0, which includes “many new functionalities including spatio-temporal database support, image segmentation, estimation of evapotranspiration and emissivity from satellite imagery, automatic line vertex densification during reprojection, more LIDAR support and a strongly improved graphical user interface experience.”


Paul Ramsey has a post entitled ‘GeoTiff Compression for Dummies’ that is pretty self-explanatory, and just might come in handy for you.


And perhaps the coolest post of the lot is from LiDAR news, which talks of a recent 3D scan of a STEGOSAURUS! Rawr!

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