Best of the Blogs – 6 June 2017

By on 6 June, 2017

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In Australia, Wedge-tailed eagles and unmanned aerial vehicles competing for airspace in the workplace. However, one researcher has shared concerns that the cost may be much greater for the birds. He sheds light on these birds and how you can fly to avoid an eagle strike. [ABC Rural]

Last year, experimental cartographer Andrew Woodruff created a stunning and very surprising map showing which country you would be facing if you looked across the sea. Who would have thought, for example, that you could be facing India all the way from the Pacific coast of Mexico? Now, Woodfruff has brought his creation to life, making it interactive. By clicking on any coastline on the map, you can see the view you would have if you could look all the way across the ocean perpendicular from your position. [Andy Woodruff]


In the polar reaches of the Arctic Ocean, the seafloor is a bumpy, pockmarked mess. Much of the seabed in the region is smooth, but not in the area that’s the subject of a new paper published in Science, where it is dotted with giant mounds and craters. What has caused this? Methane ‘burps’ apparently. [Atlas Obscura]


Under the city of San Francisco lies a a series of forgotten relics of the past. Dozens of vessels that brought gold-crazed prospectors to the city in the 19th century still lie beneath the streets of San Francisco. For the first time a new map reveals all of the ships buried below San Francisco, and there is a quite a lot of them… [All Over The Map]


Finally, a map that focuses on those corners of the world that are usually left out. And quantifies how little we know about them. The most data-free zone: Western Sahara. Where is that? Exactly. Find out which countries are either too secretive, too war-torn and/or have no good reason to produce sound statistical data. [Big Think]


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