ArcGIS Online On Show

By on 21 October, 2011
ArcGIS Online, the cloud-based system for creating and sharing maps and geographic information online, was applauded at Ozri 2011 as having the power to bring GIS to the masses.
Speaking at the conference last week, Esri Australia Managing Director Brett Bundock said ArcGIS Online would do for GIS what Google has done for online mapping – it will make it accessible to the masses.
“At Esri Australia, we feel a real sense that GIS is on the threshold of an exciting new frontier,” said Mr Bundock.
“With ArcGIS Online, our compatriots at Esri in the U.S. have opened up the science of GIS to every household, every student, and every business owner.

“ArcGIS Online bridges the gap between the simple online maps which have been popularised thanks to Bing and Google, and Esri’s offering, which draws on a rich development history spanning more than 50 years.
“It’s the brainchild of Jack Dangermond and his gift to the broader community, who have become more spatially aware and seek to understand their work better.”
ArcGIS Online enables anyone to create, view, and use intelligent maps. Users can also upload and style geographic data, create web maps, interact with maps on any device, and embed maps into websites and web-based applications.
The system leverages Esri's cloud infrastructure and allows users to store and manage their maps and geographic information, as well as make them readily available to a wider audience through open, scalable web technology.
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