Aerodata provides a better and greener solution for digital aerial photography

By on 1 February, 2011

Aerodata International Surveys (AIS) has captured the city of Sydney late January at 10 cm ground resolution using its revolutionary VisionMap A3 camera. Not only the flight mission burned nearly half the carbon dioxide if a conventional aerial survey camera was used but it also provided oblique viewing thanks to the camera unique sweeping technology. A part of the project was also captured at 20 cm, a resolution where the A3 excels in productivity performance. The camera's key benefits of medium resolution which fits between high resolution low altitude airborne sensors and high resolution space sensors is found in the ability of flying large areas in minimum time without compromising on quality and accuracy. From 20 cm to 35 cm GSD, Aerodata can produce rapidly cost-effective orthophotos and oblique viewing of areas from a thousand square kilometers to state-wide coverage captured from 20 to 40 thousand feet altitude in nearly half of the time of any other large format digital mapping sensor.

Other advantages of the A3 camera and Aerodata's in-house imagery processing:

  • No GPS ground station is required
  • No need for an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • No heavy stabilised mount and additional parameters to record
  • None or a few ground control required depending on the accuracy and size of the project
  • Fast automated post-processing for mapping applications
  • Extremely robust aerotriangulation bundle adjustment solution because of the very high imagery overlap

For more information on Aerodata's aerial photography solutions, please contact:

Aerodata Australasia
Level 24, AMP Place
10 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000, Australia

Tel : +61-7-3303 0888
Fax : +61-7-3303 0899
Mobile : +61-4-0038 6686
E-mail :

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