Geography: A simple idea to say but hard to explain

By on 2 September, 2021

At Mapidea, we want organisations to use geography as an instrument for making better decisions.

“Geography is the backbone of informed business decisions.” Typically, after this statement comes an intrigued question on how geography is in any way related to business activities. The answer is that geography is not only National Geographic or knowing the names of rivers and capitals.

Everything that matters for a business happens somewhere. Where stores are open (or closed), where brands can find new customers, where they should do marketing activities to retain existing customers, or to understand where their revenue is effectively coming from. There isn’t any business metric that doesn’t make sense to investigate using a spatial dimension.

This type of conversations leads into a typical long sales cycle, turning organisations that use our services into partners instead of a traditional customer. On many occasions, more than the software solution alone, we are helping them to define a spatial strategy, to leverage the potential of their own data and combine it with external information. It’s a game-changer experience and something that becomes a must-have instead of a nice-to-have.

Where Mapidea is different

  1. We believe in spreading the power of geography across the organisation, as opposed to delivering very specialised tools with a long learning cycle or designed with GIS experts in mind. Actually, the majority of our customers don’t even know what GIS stands for (Geographic Information Systems).
  2. We have a friendly approach and our love for geography mixes business with pleasure. We are not obsessed with numbers and if what we have to offer doesn’t fit a customer, we are the first to say it and even recommend others solutions.
  3. We believe in quick wins. Our expertise in using geography in different areas allows us to quickly identify ways of getting started with concrete outcomes from day one.
  4. We believe in meaningful tools rather than ‘cinematic’ visions. Our functionalities are presented in a way where the technology gets out of the way and lets data speak for itself. Our four core analytical capabilities probably solve 80–90% of the business challenges that need geography.
  5. Finally, we are industry agnostic, having multinational customers in different areas like pharmaceutics, telcos and retail, to name just a few.

If you already think that geography can help your business, or after reading these few words you are at least intrigued, contact us for a demo.

PS: We will not show PowerPoints — tell us a little bit about your business and we will tailor-make a live demo according to your needs.

Information provided by Mapidea

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