Tenders 9/4/13

By on 9 April, 2013

18 April: RFTGA2013/1546; GEMDOGRE-748 PSMA Data; Geoscience Australia. Tenders are sought for this project for the supply of data. PSMA mandatory datasets: PSMA administrative boundaries; Cadlite; GNAF; and transport and topography. Optional datasets are postcode boundaries and features of interest.
Mandatory Licensing Option: It is mandatory that the licence for the mandatory datasets allows for the release of derived data (under Creative Commons By Attribution) in the form of de-identified and/or aggregated information such as: hardcopy – tables, reports, maps, publications; digital – xls, wms, wfs, and multiple GIS database formats.
Optional Web services: Geocoding – NAMF compliant; Web map tile service – embedded access server licence.
Tenderers must be a member of the Geoscience Australia Optical, Geospatial, Radar and Elevation Supplies and Services panel.
Contact the OGRE Procurement Manager on +61-2-6249-9612, or email: ogre@ga.gov.au.



24 April: MRWA012312; Transport Modelling Production Services; Main Roads WA. Tenders are sought for the provision of in-house transport modelling services at MRWA.
For documents and information, contact Clairiss Francis on +61-8-9323-4305; technical enquiries to Wesley Soet on +61-8-9323-4173.



29 April: 12/13-079; System Map of the Transport System; Ministry of Transport, NZ. The Ministry wishes to develop a ‘systems map’ of the NZ transport system in order to gain better understanding of the system. The map will cover the breadth of the transport system (including the aviation, maritime, rail, road and public transport modes). It will address how transport infrastructure and services are provided within those modes. It will aim to identify the key elements of the system (and its sub systems), and the relationships between the various key elements.
Contact Robert McShane r.mcshane@transport.govt.nz.



30 April: SO6984; Survey Services; SA Water Corporation. Tenders are sought for the provision of engineering, cadastral and structure monitoring survey services for a wide range of areas.
Contact Grant Fisher grant.fisher@sawater.com.au on +61-8-7424-1093.

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