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By on 6 August, 2013

15 August: BMW00424712; Tree Health and Possum Surveys; Department of Finance, WA for Department of Health. Tenders are sought for tree health and western ringtail possum surveys at the Busselton Health Campus. The State has committed to monitor tree health twice a year during the design and construction period and for no less than two years post-development, then annually at five and 10 years post-construction using ground-based and remote sensing methods. The possum population is to be monitored in the same way within the above timeframes.

Contact Caesar D’Adamo <caesar.d’adamo@finance.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-6551-1826.



21 August: DOW1213; Spatial Viewer (GIS Viewer Replacement); Department of Water, WA. The Department is seeking tenders for spatial viewer technology to replace the current GIS Viewer. The product must be suitable for the new Platform for Contemporary Water Management for 70 concurrent licences, or an equivalent enterprise licence for an organisation of approximately 500 FTEs.

Contact Eilishia Bardoe <eilishia.bardoe@water.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-6364-7434.



21 August: AGR2013058; Biological Surveys – State Barrier Fence Esperance Extension; Department of Agriculture and Food, WA. DAFWA is seeking to develop a detailed understanding of the distribution of environmental assets within the above project area. It seeks tenders for a range of biological surveys of the proposed state barrier fence Esperance extension. It requires detailed flora, fauna and dieback information that will inform several potential environmental assessment processes.

For documents, contact Rob Isted <robert.isted@finance.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-9892-6501; technical enquiries to Richard Watkins <richard.watkins@agric.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-9892-8430.



22 August: ICTSS1302A; Software Asset Management Managed Services; Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, Qld.

The Department is seeking to establish a whole of government standing offer arrangement for the provision of software asset management – managed services. NB: Respondents are required to respond within four working days confirming their intent to respond (this is a mandatory requirement) and full submissions will be within a three week window. The arrangement will be used by Queensland government budget sector agencies and other eligible customers. The arrangement includes but is not limited to:

* Provision and management of a cloud hosted enterprise software asset management toolset, capable of capturing and storing deployment, entitlement and usage data across all agencies with varying infrastructure and systems.

* Software licence management as a service, including identification, allocation, harvesting, reallocation, compliance verification and auditing of a range of different products and licences across all Government agencies.

Contact Bruno Sofal <Bruno.sofal@hpw.qld.gov.au> on mob: +61-404-693-048.



23 August: DRAFTBMW0403513; Draft for Comment – Engineering and Building Specialists Panel 2014; Department of Finance, WA. The Department’s Building Management and Works has re-developed its procurement arrangements to engage engineers and building specialists. A copy of the draft Request document is at www.tenderswa.wa.gov.au for review and comment. The industry comment period is from 5-23 August. An industry working group has been established to co-ordinate and consolidate feedback.

Comments on the draft request should be direct to Jose Granado <jose.granado@wge.com.au> using the comments template.



27 August: 13-904; State Highways Automated Data; New Zealand Transport Agency. NZTA carries out various condition surveys of the state highway network. These include: SCRIM and High Speed (Texture, Roughness, etc.) surveys; and strength surveys using Falling Weight Deflectometers. NZTA appoints separate contractors as appropriate to achieve the above surveys. It seeks a MSQA consultant to assist with management of these above surveys and specifically to: develop physical works contracts as necessary to deliver the above surveys; provide project and contract management services for these contracts; provide high-level technical expertise to ensure NZTA remains at the international forefront of such condition survey technology; and validate and load survey data to NZTA systems.

Contact Geraldine Christmas <geraldine.christmas@nzta.govt.nz> on +64-4-894-5400.



28 August: 440-14-040-IT; Real Time Replacement; Auckland Transport, NZ.

This RFP is issued for AT and the New Zealand Transport Agency on behalf of local authorities in other regions. Tenders are sought for supply of central software for the provision of Real Time information. AT will use a component based approach will be adopted and therefore the architecture for real time provision should consist of vehicle location information feeding through the AT Enterprise Services Bus into the central software. The central software solution will in turn feed the AT ESB for communication to signs, websites and mobile applications. The contract for the solution may include common use provisions allowing local authorities to use the solution, or elements of it, for other regions or localities by entering into a participating agreement under the contract; and NZTA may, on behalf of other regions, negotiate one or more contracts directly with the preferred or any other tenderer(s) for the supply to local authorities and support of the solution or elements of it using the pricing for the regions submitted in response to this RFP. Tender documents are at https://www.tenderlink.com/aucklandtransport/ using reference number AKTSPT-607695.

Contact Biljana Malcic on email: <procurement@aucklandtransport.govt.nz>.



1 October: PAIQ 0004 2014; Mapboard: Defence Materiel Organisation – Land Systems Division [Aust]. Defence seeks tenders for the supply of Mapboard.

Contact Nola Dhillon on +61-3-9282-6361, or email: <vbm.elecsysproc@defence.gov.au>.



29 August: 12AMSA140; Maritime Reform Panel; Australian Maritime Safety Authority. AMSA seeks providers for a number of services, including Information and Communication Technology, and Technical and Regulatory Maritime.

Contact Bruce Coulton on +61-2-6279-5011, or email: <contracts-enquiries@amsa.gov.au>.



4 September: T13/20; Flood Study, Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan; Wollongong City Council, NSW. Council seeks a consultancy to carry out these services.

Contact: Jackie Rowland on +61-2-4227-7145.



30 April, 2015; ICT Hardware [Panel]; NSW Procurement. The department seeks to establish a panel; 888 ICT Hardware is a panel contract for the supply of ICT Hardware to the whole of NSW Government. In the initial stage it will be for end user devices only, succeeding the ITS 2007 Personal Computers contract. To be eligible for this contract, suppliers must be the manufacturer of the equipment provided, or their sole Australian representative or distributor.

All responses are to be lodged at <ICT-Hardware@services.nsw.gov.au>.

Enquiries phone: 1800-679-289.


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