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By on 21 May, 2013

24 May: Q13-0235; Comment Information System and Web Mapping Application; Department of Land Resource Management, NT. Tenders are sought for these services.

Enquiries phone: +61-8-8999-6391.



30 May: CS5851; Support of PI Systems; SA Water Corporation. SA Water seeks a contractor to provide support for its OSIsoft PI systems.

Contact Peter Faggotter <peter.faggotter@sawater.com.au> on +61-8-7424-2039



30 May: ACPN_11441; Spatial Data Inventory Management; Auckland Council, NZ. Council is seeking information from organisations about the potential supply of a Spatial Data Inventory Management Tool. The Geospatial Future Mode of Operation Programme has a requirement for such a tool, to an integral role in establishing a foundation for the management of current and future geospatial information. It will also provide the capability to continuously monitor and communicate with geospatial data owners, custodians and users. The first stage will involve activities to discover, appraise and monitor geospatial information created in Auckland Council and in the legacy environments prior to, and during the lifetime of the project.  In the second stage, the tool will be used for ongoing monitoring of geospatial data creation as a part of Geospatial Data Management Governance Framework complimenting policies, standards, user training and communications.

Contact Shane King <shane.king@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz> on +64-9-301-3866; mob: 021-277-1734.



31 May: SCL4017; Fleet Management System and High Precision GPS; Stanwell Corporation Ltd, Qld. Tenders are sought for a fleet management system and high precision Global Positions System for Meandu Mine.

Contact Christey Garretty <christey.garretty@stanwell.com> on +61-7-3228-4184.



31 May: CON5243; Communications Consultancy Panel; Queensland Rail Limited. The organisation is seeking to establish a communications consultancy panel.

Contact Mudita Goomanee <seta.goomanee@qr.com.au> on +61-7-3073-0867.

3 June: CON/13/33; Strategic Planning Services Pane; Bayside City Council, Vic.

Tenders are invited for services and advice in the following areas:  strategic land use planning; urban design; transportation/traffic planning (including car parking); economic/retail development; heritage; consultation/engagement; development/commercial feasibility; GIS/mapping; environment/ecology; and development contributions. Tender submissions must be submitted electronically via www.tenderlink.com/bayside.

Contact main switchboard on +61-3- 9599-4444.



4 June: ACPN_10582; Field Surveys for Stormwater Hydraulic Modelling; Auckland Council, NZ. Council is seeking tenders for Whangapouri Catchment field surveys for stormwater hydraulic modelling. Required services include: services is to undertake the following: floor level survey of buildings prone to flooding; cross section survey of open channels; drainage asset data, e.g. manholes, pipes, inlets and outlets; topographical survey of ponds/wetlands including inlet and outlet structures; stream crossing structures – bridges and culverts; and the preparation of letters to residents and landowners to request access permission for survey.

Contact Malo Wong <malo.wong@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz> on +64-9-261-8482.



5 June: MRWA019212; Cadastral Survey [Road Widenings] Main Roads WA. Tenders are sought for cadastral surveys in relation to road widenings on the Great Northern Highway at Bindi Bindi.

Contract enquiries to Scott Lennon<Scott.lennon@mainroads.wa.gov.au>  on +61-8-9323-4908; technical enquiries to Richard Delany <richard.delany@mainroads.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-9323-5491; mob: 0427-230-838.



6 June: 319501; Panel Refresh – Victorian Forest Monitoring Program; Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Vic. DPI is seeking tenders for forest monitoring work as part of the Panel for Forest and Parks Monitoring and Reporting Information System Ground Plot Measurements. The program was established to monitor changes in the extent and condition of public forests over time. Contractors follow standard operating procedures to install and measure permanent plots across State Forests, National Parks and Conservation Reserves, primarily collecting data on tree species, vegetation, coarse woody debris and soil. The contractors will have the ability to install and remeasure permanent monitoring plots and undertake associated data collection and management activities. Documentation is at www.tenders.vic.gov.au.

Contact Courtney Johnson <courtney.johnson@dse.vic.gov.au> on +61-3-9637-9332.



7 June: South West Pacific Hydrography Risk; Land Information New Zealand.

Maritime safety has been a major concern in the South West Pacific region for many years. In December 2011, LINZ and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together in improving navigational and maritime safety in the South West Pacific; and the expansion of the cruise ship industry in the region. The overarching goal of the activity is to achieve accurate and adequate charting coverage in the South West Pacific.

Contact Paul Zhang on email: <procurementteam@linz.govt.nz>.


7 June: MRWA006912; ICT Infrastructure Services; Main Roads WA. This Contract will replace existing contract when it expires on 30 November 2013.  The new contract will incorporate a similar range of services covered by the current contract, and include some changes aimed at improving overall service delivery. Under the proposed new arrangement, the Contractor will be required to manage and support Main Roads’ ICT infrastructure and customer base, located at various sites within the metropolitan area and across the state.

Contract enquiries to Aniza Zarol <aniza.zarol@mainroads.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-9323-4468; technical enquiries to John Tidy<john.tidy@mainroads.wa.gov.au> on +61-8-9323-4142.



17 June: Representation Commission Mapping; Land Information New Zealand.

The Representation Commission is charged with determining the proposed and final electoral boundaries for New Zealand for both General and Maori Electorates following the census. The Commission will initially develop a set of proposed boundaries for public consultation. After considering public submissions and feedback, it will determine and gazette the final boundaries. These processes rely on maps and plans to effectively communicate boundary changes to the public. At the conclusion of the process the supporting information that enables elections to be run must be reviewed and updated to reflect the newly NOTE: A Supplier Briefing  will be held 22 May in Wellington.

Contact Paul Zhang on email: <procurementteam@linz.govt.nz>.



18 June: Transport and Mobility Study, Parramatta Road Corridor; Strathfield Council, NSW. Council invites expressions of interest for this study, involving the assessment of existing and future transport and mobility implications on Council’s section of the Parramatta Road corridor. An Information Kit is available at www.strathfield.nsw.gov.au and follow the links to Council’s electronic tender system. EOIs may also be submitted via the e-tendering system.

Contact Carol Chapman on +61-2-9748-9999, or email <council@strathfield.nsw.gov.au>.



17 July: Migratory Shorebird Monitoring [2 tenders]: Understanding

Ecological Impact [CA130019] and Annual Summer Surveys [CA130030]; Gladstone Ports Corporation, Qld. The Corporation seeks tender submissions for these projects under the Ecosystem Research and Monitoring Program. Information is at www.westernbasinportdevelopment.com.au/ermp

Enquiries, email: <ermp@westernbasinportdevelopment.com.au>.

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