Survey: GIS in the cloud

By on 3 September, 2013


Spatial Vision is seeking broad industry input into the impact of cloud computing technology on their investment in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

An estimated 85 per cent of Australian businesses are now using cloud computing.

The economics and functionality of the cloud are driving increased uptake among all industries, and Australian organisations simply cannot ignore the potential of this technology.

Cloud computing has already significantly penetrated a number of business applications within the Australian market including accounting, CRM, e-commerce, email, and backup and recovery.

The question that this survey will look to answer is when and how will GIS solutions follow suit and begin to move towards increased use of cloud-based computing technology.

Cloud computing is the biggest change to hit the GIS industry since its inception over 40 years ago. It is therefore vital that Australian organisations begin analysing, assessing, and planning for the impact of change.

The “GIS in the Cloud” survey will provide a broad view of the ways that modern Australian organisations are using GIS technology, and will also assist organisations with planning for future GIS investments.

Spatial Vision has invited Australian organisations to participate in the “GIS in the Cloud” survey, which has been designed to take no more than five minutes.

All survey data collected by Spatial Vision will remain completely confidential. Only summary results will be shared with participants who elect to receive the report.

The results of the “GIS in the Cloud” survey will also be used to help guide an upcoming Spatial Vision Webinar. For further details please click here.

Please click here to take the survey.

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