Position Partners introduces ground penetrating radar

By on 26 November, 2013


Position Partners has introduced a range of ground penetrating radar (GPR) solutions from North American company, US Radar. Under the agreement, Position Partners has become the exclusive distributor for US Radar’s Seeker SPR range in Australia and New Zealand.

Ideal for utility mapping, accurate as-built data, and structural applications, the Seeker SPR range is suited to a number of industries, including survey, construction, and local government.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with US Radar,” said Ben Davis, construction business area manager at Position Partners. “The Seeker SPR range complements our existing GPS, laser levelling, and machine control solutions, enabling more efficient and accurate construction via underground mapping.”

According to US Radar President and CEO, Ron LaBarca, underground mapping represents the future for the surveying and construction industries. “The world above-ground has been mapped quite comprehensively, but beneath the surface we often have the original plan but not the accurate as-built information,” he said.

“Position Partners has the ideal industry experience and customer base to deliver this technology to our core target market and we look forward to working with them to deliver a valuable solution to the industry and a more responsible approach to construction through accurate utility mapping,” LaBarca added.

Available in a wide range of configurations, the Seeker SPR series can be customised to suit the surface, accuracy, and depth requirements of any given application. From ultra-fine measurements at 2,000MHz that can capture fibre optic in concrete, to 100MHz for geophysical investigations up to 30 metres deep, the Seeker SPR range is flexible and modular.

Accurate location information can be recorded simultaneously, by connecting the Seeker SPR device with a Topcon GPS receiver. Mounting options include hand-held, cart-based or pole mounted control to suit the task at hand.

The Seeker SPR series delivers on-the-go processing for an accurate, real-time, 3D view of the area being mapped, without the need for post-processing back in the office.

“Having worked as a surveyor, I’ve experienced the frustration of getting back to the office and realising something has been missed,” adds LaBarca. “The Seeker SPR range saves the user considerable time by having all the information at their fingertips and no need for additional software.”

The Seeker SPR range is available for sale or hire nationwide. For more information contact Position Partners on 1300 867 266.

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