Position Partners, Fixposition team for robotics

By on 19 October, 2023
Martin Nix, Position Partners CEO, and Zhenzhong Su, Fixposition CEO and Co-founder.

Fixposition AG, a Swiss-based supplier of high-precision positioning technology, has joined forces with Australia’s Position Partners to offer customers in Australia and New Zealand the Vision-RTK 2, a fully integrated solution for vision-enhanced, centimetre-level positioning to accelerate field robotics.

Vision-RTK 2 augments GNSS signals using inertial measurement units (IMUs), visual odometry and other sensors, combining multiple technologies in a single platform to compensate for any individual sensor weakness.

“Position Partners has extensive experience supporting industry with centimetre-level GNSS correction services for infrastructure, precision farming, and digital twin projects through our AllDayRTK network,” said James Millner, GNSS Infrastructure Manager at Position Partners.

“When it comes to mass-devices or field robotics applications, and inspections for digital twin models, there are additional challenges to maintain positioning integrity and reliability in congested spaces,” he added.

“Our collaboration with Fixposition offers our customers an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution that is backed by our engineering expertise.”

Position Partners and Fixposition will present together at the upcoming IGNSS Conference in Sydney early next year.

“We recognise the growing demand from application providers for a robust positioning solution that excels in challenging GPS scenarios. The Vision-RTK 2 delivers precision at an accessible cost, meeting their needs,” said Peter Mardaleichvili, Fixposition’s Head of Product Management.

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Position Partners, experts in RTK GNSS technologies, to support local customers in Australia and New Zealand.”

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