New Zealand’s streetscape captured in high definition

By on 19 April, 2011
A Wellington firm has just finished filming what it claims is the most comprehensive record ever collected of New Zealand’s roads and highways – including Christchurch as it was before the earthquake.
Terralink’s StreetCam – a van fitted with six high-resolution video cameras – has captured every state highway, and major and medium road from Cape Reinga to Bluff. The detailed imagery includes data on everything from the visual environment to the slope and gradient of roads.
Terralink International general manager Greg Huddleston says the nationwide capture program took three years to complete, and means for the first time there is a very detailed record of a key part of New Zealand’s infrastructure.
Unlike Google’s Street View, Terralink’s StreetCam technology captures information about features and the landscape. The high-definition imagery is detailed enough to clearly identify road signs and street addresses.
Mr Huddleston says StreetCam’s data will allow users to perform detailed analysis, including the ability to measure the height and width of structures, roads and roundabouts, and locate and record their position.
“There is an ever-increasing demand by businesses and consumers for more detailed and accurate data and imagery. Businesses are looking for more cost-effective and efficient ways to capture and manage their assets, and StreetCam provides a mechanism for this,” Mr Huddleston says,
Prior to the Christchurch earthquake, StreetCam had undertaken a detailed capture of all of the major and medium roads in the region.
Mr Huddleston says this means there is now an amazingly detailed historical record of Christchurch as it was before 22 February.
“It not only provides a valuable historical record, but could also prove to be valuable in the rebuild process.
“We are planning to re-drive Christchurch shortly and will be able to provide a detailed before-and-after comparison,” Mr Huddleston says.

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