u-blox and Sapcorda to deliver SPARTN GNSS augmentation

By on 9 June, 2020

Partnership to implement SPARTN format as correction interface to deliver SAPA GNSS augmentation services.

Positioning and wireless technology provider u-blox will partner with Sapcorda, provider of GNSS augmentation services, to implement the newly-established SPARTN format.

SPARTN (Safe Position Augmentation for Real Time Navigation) is a new open, industry-focused standard for delivering GNSS augmentation services, defining a message format that supports wide and global area broadcasts, and a series of other performance requirements for modern positioning systems.

The collaboration will see the format implemented to deliver the SAPA Premium GNSS augmentation service — which provides both global PPP services and local RTK services — to uBlox’s F9 receiver platform. SAPA features a dedicated GNSS network, fast convergence times, bandwidth efficiency and homogeneous performance over continental areas.

Precise positioning will benefit a range of automotive applications.

Sapcorda’s SSR correction service in inherently scalable and highly secure, as it does not require two-way communication between between GNSS receivers and correction service providers, as is the case with legacy OSR (observation space representation) correction services.

“Our coming solution, based on the SPARTN open correction interface, will effectively unleash the growth potential of a new mass market for high precision positioning technology,” said Thomas Seiler, CEO of u-blox.

u-blox foresees a broad range of applications in automotive applications, such as lane level navigation and V2X (vehicle to everything) communication, ground robotics, commercial UAVs, telematics, heavy machine control and autonomous vehicles.

“By adopting the SPARTN interface, we ensure interoperability between our respective services and products, so that customers who use Sapcorda’s SAPA Premium GNSS augmentation technology on their u-blox F9 GNSS receivers will have 100 percent confidence that the service and the hardware work together seamlessly and meet their performance expectations, both during evaluation and in operation,” said Vladimir Stoyanov, product strategy for high precision GNSS at u-blox.

Botho zu Eulenburg, CEO of Sapcorda said that both firms were in alignment on strategic vision and intent to enable emerging applications and use cases far beyond the capabilities of classic GNSS correction services.

“With this collaboration with one of the first receiver manufacturers to support the open SPARTN format, we are offering our customers seamless integration and a future-proof solution,” he said.

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