Position mag online: August/September Issue 90

By on 17 October, 2017


The August/September issue of Position magazine is now available free online. Position magazine is the only ANZ-wide independent publication for the spatial and surveying sectors.

In this issue we explore the power of real-time data in the face of a cyclone, the future of drone delivery services, and deciphering Australia’s move to earth-fixed datum and what spatial professionals need to know.

Feature Stories

COVER STORY: Power faster cyclone response

Queensland’s real-time data capabilities unlock faster disaster response.

EXCLUSIVE: The next generation of addressing

Bringing together two powerful datasets to unlock the potential of every land parcel.

Q&A with Kerry Wallace-Massone

A teacher on a mission to get more girls studying STEM shares her journey of discovery.

Delivery by drone

Unmanned systems offer a solution to the problem of ‘last mile’ logistics.

Manned v Unmanned

Think drone surveys are going to replace manned aircraft? Think again.

Safe city living lab

The APSEA award-winning project for real-time situational awareness.

Grounded: the road to driverless cars

Australia and New Zealand just took a huge leap towards automated transport.

GDA2020 & ATRF explained

Translating the move from fixed-plate to fixed-earth datums (and the many acronyms involved).

The future of location

Creating the future through an industry-wide spatial transformation, 2026 Agenda.

Out now in print

Position October/November issue #91 is currently available through print subscription only. In this most recent issue we present revolutions and revelations in mining, transforming the future with 3D aerial mapping, and a Q&A with Sylvia Michael – one of satellite imagery’s earliest adopters.



Coming soon

Issue 92 will feature computer vision and machine learning, positioning indoors and out, and spatial goes mainstream: gaming, crowdsourcing, and webmaps.

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