Myriota inks partnership to build IoT modules in SA

By on 13 November, 2019

Myriota co-founder Dr David Haley. Photo courtesy of Myriota.

Adelaide-based Internet of things (IoT) company Myriota has entered into an agreement with a global manufacturer that will keep production of its devices in South Australia.

The company’s agreement with Motherson has already resulted in the manufacturing of tens of thousands of Myriota modules, the low powered devices designed to securely transfer data to Myriota’s network of satellites from anywhere on the planet. The units are being manufactured at Motherson’s South Australian design and manufacturing facility, and subsequently delivered to customers around the globe.

“Our partnership demonstrates that manufacturing capabilities in South Australia – which once primarily served the automotive industry – have diversified into new sectors, including Australia’s growing space sector,” says Myriota cofounder and CTO Dr David Haley.

Myriota CEO Dr Alex Grant with one of Myriota’s low-cost, long battery life satellite transmitters

The companies say Motherson will be manufacturing millions of units of the Myriota module in South Australia over the next five years. The Myriota module allows for third party integration with a large range of sensors and devices. These devices communicate directly with Myriota’s nanosatellites to provide sensor data updates on resources to a wide range of businesses.

Founded in 2015, Myriota builds on the work of its founders with the University of South Australia’s Institute for Telecommunications Research. Applications for their highly energy-efficient, go-anywhere communications technologies include black box type recorders for Australian Army soldiers, water tank monitors for farmers, asset tracking and environmental monitoring.

Myriota’s growing list of partners and customers include Optus, Amazon’s AWS and Boeing. This marks the first partnership that Motherson has entered into with a space or IoT business within Australia.


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