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By on 3 June, 2020

The US Curfew Map

Maps Mania

The Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system used to warn the public about dangerous weather, missing children and other critical situations – like police curfews. Customers of wireless companies that sign up to the Wireless Emergency Alerts system receive geographically targeted WEAs on their mobile phones.

Analysing access to greenspaces during a pandemic

Ordnance Survey blog

A recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that one in eight households (12%) in Great Britain has no access to a private or shared garden during the coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown. ONS used our map data to work towards their conclusions, one of many organisations who have contacted us for assistance during the pandemic.

Maps and mappers of the 2020 GeoHipster calendar: Megan Gall, June

Geohipster interviews GIS geek Megan Gall about her work creating maps to support civil rights, and mapping Prince shows.

Mapping Police Killings

Maps Mania

Black Americans are two and half times more likely to be killed by a police officer than white Americans. Of course not all states are equal. Black Americans in Utah actually have an incredible 9.2 times more chance of being killed at the hands of the police than a white person. In Rhode Island 8.74 black Americans are killed by the police for every white person killed.

The Remarkable Maps of Mr. Tornado

Map of the week

Tetsuya “Ted” Fujita was a pioneer in meteorology, known for developing the F-scale to measure tornadoes. His studies led him to draw many maps of this nature. What I enjoyed the most was his personal maps. When he was invited to the University of Chicago to work with professor Horace Byers, he experienced his first airplane flight. During the flight he drew this charming map showing the clouds he passed through on a multi-day flight with two stopovers on Wake Island and in Hawaii.

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