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By on 29 January, 2019

Barely Maps: Peter Gorman’s Minimalist Maps

The Map Room

With Barely Maps, Peter Gorman has reduced maps to their most minimalist, and their most cryptic: a grid of abstract shapes that represent the geometries of states, neighbourhoods, subway stops or intersections.

The Costs of War

Map of the week

This map via Smithsonian Magazine shows much of the breadth of US military and government anti terrorist actions.

Average Earth 2018

Maps Mania

Johannes Kroeger has created an interactive map which shows the average cloud cover across the world in 2018. The map shows the medium cloud cover experienced at every location on Earth based on information taken from daily satellite images.

Maps and mappers of the 2019 calendar: Kenneth Field, Cover


Cartonerd’s Kenneth Field sits down with Geohipster.

The Pictographic Language of Train-Hopping Nomads

99 percent invisible

With the spread of American train networks in the late 1800s, more and more individuals without permanent jobs or homes tried their luck on the rails, riding illegally across the country to find work and leaving their marks along the way, including visual symbols scrawled or etched as messages to fellow travelers.

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