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By on 28 August, 2018

How 8 micro-satellites are unexpectedly trumping Landsat, Sentinel at flood detection


They are the hurricane-hunters, the wind-watchers, the storm-seers. But one year after the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System, or CYGNSS, mission started sending in data for hurricanes and aid forecasts, researchers have discovered an unlikely capability of this constellation of eight micro-satellites: they can also detect floods like no other satellite.

Ich Bin Kein Berliner

Google Maps Mania

Less than 47 percent of people who live in Berlin were born in the German capital.

Digital Maps that make a change

Felix Dellatre’s blog

A feature article about OpenStreetMap, originally published in the print magazine of the Austrian Scientific Exchange Service (OeAD News).

Cockney Sound Map

Map of the week

The geographic definition of a Cockney (London’s most beloved and belittled accent) is someone who was born within earshot of the church bells of St. Mary-le-Bow.

Jim Barry: “Believe in it? Then just build it.”


Jim Barry, ‘geodeveloper advocate’ at Esri in NYC, interviewed for GeoHipster by Bill Dollins and Atanas Entchev.

The Sexist Streets of Brazil

Google Maps Mania

São Paulo based data visualization company MedidaSP has released an interactive map which colors all of Brasil’s streets based on whether they have male or female names.

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