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By on 19 June, 2018

MPR Raccoon: Exploring the Urban Architecture Behind an Antisocial Climber

99 percent Invisible

Understanding the urban geography behind a social media superstar mammal’s skyscraper climb.

French politician wants to tackle rodent infestation with real-time ‘rat map’


Tackling vermin with cartography: Paris 2018.

Antipodean weather

Maps Mania

What is the true meaning of the Antipodes? And how might you discover its weather?

Muthukumar Kumar: “Connect with other geogeeks”


Geohipster profiles Muthukumar Kumar of Geoawesomeness fame.

Original Winnie-the-Pooh Map Being Auctioned Next Month

The Map Room

A piece of fictional, cartographic history goes under the hammer at Sotheby’s.


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