DJI and PrecisionHawk partner for precision mapping

By on 4 May, 2016


Two of the largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) companies PrecisionHawk and DJI, today announced a strategic partnership for the agriculture market .The result is a complete agricultural analytics solution that links DJI’s commercial-grade drone hardware to PrecisionHawk’s drone software platform, DataMapper. This partnership aims to set a new standard for UAV remote sensing within agriculture.

The pre-assembled package, which includes DJI’s hardware platform plus PrecisionHawk’s flight and analytics software, is integrated to provide a cost-effective and easy remote sensing tool for agriculture.

“Farmers need real-time information about their crops, their fields and their harvests, and DJI and PrecisionHawk are working together to give them what they need,” said Michael Perry, DJI’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We are excited to make collecting and analysing aerial data easier and more cost-effective than ever, because putting this technology within reach of working farmers will help them as well as everyone who relies on the crops they produce.”

DJI’s UAV platforms such as the Matrice M100 and M600 series allow for extensive customisation, providing the flexibility to monitor crops, carry advanced sensors or accomplish other tasks specific to each mission. The combined package will also include the new DataMapper Inflight app for data collection and a one-year subscription to DataMapper for data management and analysis. The pairing of DJI’s UAV hardware with the best-in-class analytics platform enables agriculture professionals to concentrate on identifying crop stress and maximising yields.

“This partnership is bringing the best of both worlds to the agriculture industry,” said Pat Lohman, VP Partnerships at PrecisionHawk. “By combining our strengths – DJI’s world-renowned hardware and PrecisionHawk’s seamless software tools that bridge the gap from flight to geospatial data analysis – we are effectively eliminating any major barriers to entry and allowing the industry to begin adopting this technology in their everyday workflows on a broader scale.”

User can easily create a flight plan and autonomously collect geospatial data with the DataMapper Inflight. User’s can then perform custom analysis or use DataMapper’s library of analysis tools, including optimising inputs, reacting to threats, improving variable rate, increasing efficiency of crop scouting and estimating yield.

The new DataMapper Inflight app is already available for download on Android and coming soon on iOS.


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