Seequent joins coalition of Microsoft partners for water conservation

By on 29 September, 2020

New Zealand geospatial software firm Seequent has joined Microsoft and three other partners in commitments to work towards water conservation and quality improvements.

Microsoft announced its intention to operate as a ‘water positive’ company this week — committing to replenishing more water than it uses by 2030.

‘As human civilization has expanded, we have reached the point globally where humanity depletes the available freshwater supply at a rate of 4.3 trillion cubic meters every year – the majority of which goes to agricultural and industrial uses. This needs to change,’ wrote Microsoft president Brad Smith in making the announcement on his official blog.

Further on in the announcement, NZ geospatial softwar provider Seequent was given a shout-out for its role in work with Microsoft on water conservation, along with Ecolab, Schneider Electric (SE), and Grundfos.

Seequent CEO Shaun Maloney said that Seequent products were enabling hundreds of projects to have a clearer view of groundwater and contaminants, helping mitigate climate change risks, reduce water use and improve water quality.

“Users such as the Water Replenishment District, the largest groundwater agency in the state of California, can readily communicate to end clients, regulators, and the general public with 3D models of groundwater systems and contaminated sites in a fully auditable data-driven approach across the entire lifecycle of site management,” he said.

“By partnering with Microsoft we can make an even bigger impact on important global challenges such as water safety and security, which are critical to wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity.”

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