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By on 26 October, 2016

It is time again for the biggest issue of the year – the December/January issue of Position magazine includes our annual industry directory along with features aiming to give a look at the current state of play across the industry.position-magazine-surveying-spatial

This year, the upcoming December/January issue of Position magazine will include both the annual Spatial Source Trade Directory and a series of articles specifically aimed at achieving an extensive industry overview to welcome in 2017.

Here’s a look at just few of the features to look forward to in this special Dec/Jan issue of Position:

  • SDGs in 3D – We take a look at the vital role of surveying and geospatial professionals in addressing the world’s biggest challenges, with an exclusive insight from former FIG President Stig Enemark on how we can best address the international 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  • Alternative remote sensing: the new space race – we investigate how cubestats, high altitude autonomous drones, stratospheric balloons, live video capture technologies and growing high resolution satellite constellations are all vying for the future of remote sensing. Who is best posed to become the new standard?
  • Jon Fairall takes an in-depth look at the various GNSS positioning constellations and how they will benefit the multifarious uses for government, defence, intelligence, infrastructure, mapping and high–accuracy surveying.
  • We take a deep look into the fascinating case of a land title scam in ACT, and hear a warning that a similar fate could await New South Wales amid newly privatised land titling offices. With many other agencies considering privatisation, could land fraud like this become the norm?
  • We talk with Dr Zaffar Mohamed-Ghouse, director of CRCSI and chair of the Locate and ISDE Conference, getting a look ahead at Australia’s peak spatial conference as well as his thoughts on the rise of Digital Earth 2.0.

You’ll learn about these issues and a whole lot more in the next issue of Position. If you have anything to contribute to these discussions, feel free to send your suggestions across to jon@intermedia.com.au or consult the Position and Spatial Source Media Kit.

Advertising Booking Deadline: 10 November 2016

Advertising Material Deadline: 15 November 2016

Business may want to take this opportunity to reach out to make the most of their listings in our industry directory. Or, if you are a new business, feel free to create a new directory listing and find more clients today.

In combining the annual directory and the comprehensiveness of the above articles, Position magazine #86 is set to be one of the most informative and overarching yet.


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