BlackSky, Inmarsat, Addvalue join for EO comms

By on 4 April, 2023

Credit: Addvalue

Inmarsat and satellite solution provider, Addvalue, have announced that real-time geospatial intelligence company BlackSky will include Inter-satellite Data Relay Service (IDRS) technology in its next-generation satellite design.

Addvalue has designed a new, high-performance LEO satellite antenna system that enables full IDRS communications coverage, with no interruption to the satellites’ ongoing EO operations.

“With IDRS on board, BlackSky will have access to on-demand, near real-time, two-way IP-based links to all its in-space assets 24/7. This means more efficient and timely responses to customer requirements and any operational needs in its fleet,” said Addvalue’s CEO, Tan Khai Pang.

The IDRS terminal provides LEO satellites with always on, real-time, on-demand in-orbit communications for mission tasking and data monitoring. It also supports telemetry and command communications, troubleshooting and restoration operations.

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