Best of the Blogs 5 August 2014

By on 5 August, 2014

Ebola outbreak map

The terrifying Ebola epidemic continues to worsen in Africa, and Al Jazeera has put together a map of the outbreaks using data from the World Health Organization, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and Liberia’s health ministry.


GPS World has the piece ‘who will win at indoor location’ which is accurately summed up by its title.


ECOS Magazine looks at the way that mobile data capture technologies are changing ‘citizen science’, using the success of a koala mapping project as an example.


The Strange Maps Blog has an interesting post on James Bond. Not that one – the original one, the ornithologist. Not only was he a keen mapper, but he was also actually the namesake of the now famous secret agent, as Ian Flemming was an active bird watcher.


Not entirely mapping related, but IEEE Spectrum has the news that the UK has ‘OKed’ self-driving cars on its roads. Here comes the future!


HERE’s 360 blog chats with Michael Blanding, the author of The Map Thief, a non-fiction book that follows the crimes of the wonderfully named E. Forbes Smiley III.


Google Maps Mania shows of an impressive map of Disneyland, which uses a number of custom image maps overlaid on the Google Maps base layer which are controlled by the zoom level of the map. Zoom out on the map and the Magic Kingdom Park is displayed on the map using a small image overlay of Cinderella’s Palace. When you zoom in on the map then custom image overlays for all of the park’s resorts are added to the map.

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