Best of the Blogs 29 April 2014

By on 29 April, 2014

StreetView history

Time has a story on Google’s latest addition to StreetView, which allows users to see an area as it appeared in the recent past. The story features some great animations of some famous recent global landmarks being built.


IEEE Spectrum has a story on a new tool that uses Google Earth Engine to automatically alert environmental activists and other interested parties on unauthorised land-clearing. It’s big data meets satellite imagery, and it’s all kinds of cool.


Matter of fact, IEEE Spectrum also have a story on Japan’s centimetre resolution GNSS, QZSS – which will additionally cover Australia.


The suitable-for-work-but-sweary I F$%king Love Science blog has posted a fantastic video that visualises all the recent asteroid impacts with Earth. A grim reminder that another extinction-level impact isn’t a case of ‘if’ but ’when.’


Directions Magazine reports that geospatial giant Hexagon has signed an agreement to acquire Arvus, a manufacturer of precision agriculture technology.


The HERE Blog has three great examples of map visualisations having been created by using Twitter, Flickr, and Uber data.


All Things Spatial has created a map of median property prices for NSW, based on the data that has finally made its way back onto There are a few problems, however, but it’s worth taking a look if you’re thinking of investing in real estate.


The GeoRabble crew have put together a review of the 9th Perth GeoRabble event.


LiDAR News has an interesting story (and video) where NASA is testing a flash LiDAR system to quickly identify landing hazards, to then divert the craft to a safe landing location.

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