Best of the Blogs 14 January 2014

By on 14 January, 2014


Google Maps Mania is keeping up its constant stream of interesting maps for 2014, with this one this week noted for being ‘the prettiest map of the week’, and I must agree: this Geologic Map of the Grand Canyon is delicious.

And, keeping up with my tradition of not being able to pick just one post from Google Maps Mania, here is its post on an ‘interactive European etymology’ map.


You probably noticed the high-definition video from space story in Spatial Source this week, so it’s worth noting that UrtheCast, a company that will also deliver video from space (calling it ‘near-live high-definition video’), have rescheduled the installation of two of its cameras aboard the ISS, after cabling issues caused delays at the end of last year.


In a similar vein, Geoawesomeness has a post on the multitude of satellite companies now looking at swarms – multiple, low cost satellites, in place of a single, expensive one.


While up to 8% of males (and 0.5% of females) are colourblind, it’s not really an affliction that many people think about, so there are often times when seemingly trivial tasks are made more difficult for those without access to the full spectrum – reading maps is one great example. So, for those colourblind people in the audience planning a trip to the UK anytime soon, I recommend checking out this colourblind tubemap for iOS and Android, as posted by GIS User.


Directions Magazine has a post claiming that LED and Visible Light Communications could be key to unlocking the estimated $5 billion indoor location market.


Geoawesomeness has some more info on the ongoing GNSS vs Lightsquared debate, including the question on if the GNSS band should be moved.

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