Best of the Blogs Monthly – July 2016

By on 25 July, 2016

BEST OF THE BLOGS July 2016 (1)

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You may have known that the earth’s crust is undergoing movement as you read this sentence, leading to around 40 tremors per day. But did you know that at the same time it’s also being mapped globally in near real-time, as shown by Geoawesomeness. The above screenshot shows all the tremors in the past month across the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire.



If you are a Game of Thrones fan, and chances are that of course you are, you might have thought that Season 6 contained some very impressive and almost impossible logistical feats. Chief among them, the hyperspace-speed journey shown above of the Greyjoy siblings to Meereen. The Verge was not convinced of the possibility of such journeys, so they went ahead and mapped them all and rated how realistic each characters journey has been. Because after all, Game of Thrones, with its dragons, giants and white walkers isthe most realistic show out there.



2016 marks 100 years since the battle of Somme in France, one of the largest battles of World War I. Using GIS to overlay old maps with new imagery new insights into how the battle played out have now been revealed. The 4DSomme Esri storymap by Queen’s University shows how the battle unfolded and the importance of the surveys and maps that defined it.



An interesting read from the Taipei Times suggests that an ancient Chinese map could be the crucial evidence in support of China’s reclamation of the hotly contested Spratly Islands. That is, if it hasn’t been altered more recently to support China’s claim in the South China Sea.




If you were dig a whole right through the centre of the Earth, where would you end up?  Unless you live in Patagonia, it would not be China as you may have been told. Maps Mania this week shared the Antipodes Map which shows just where in the world you would end up.


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