Best of the Blogs – 9 January 2017

By on 11 January, 2017

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We are visual beings: Our perception of the world is intrinsically tied to our ability to perceive light. But what about the places where light doesn’t fall? Do places in shadow still encode information for the visual cortex to process? Can shadows actually tell us something meaningful about the landscapes they darken? “Shadowlands,” a stunning new series of maps by geographer and data scientist Robbi Bishop-Taylor, explores these very questions. [Gizmodo]



The start of new year is a great time to plan a trip, and you might be surprised to discover that one day soon you may be planning a trip to Mars. However, you don’t want to get lost on your journey so Maps Mania has recommended that you take along NASA’s definitive map of Mars, and consulting ‘(Is There) Life on Mars’? [Maps Mania]



This week at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, tech company Faraday Future taught a valuable lesson on how not to release a driverless car, or any piece of new technology for that matter. With a proliferation of meaningless buzzwords, a failed demo and plenty of ambiguity around its navigation systems, it will be interesting to see how the FF91 self-driving concept car can handle the road on its own. [Quartz]



Recent years have been a breakthrough for drones (also known as RPAS or UAV). But how did it happen that drones gained such a popularity? Why this technology is so ubiquitous and where that leaves us? In order to answer these questions, we should look a bit more closely at UAVs history and how it affected our world. Fortunately, PureFunds that brings us closer to answering these questions with this excellent infographic, revealing that Nikola Tesla actually gave rise to the unmanned technologies way back in 1898. [Geoawesomeness]



Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the Netherlands and Holland? And why people from there are known as the Dutch? This maps spells it out these mysteries for you, along with no less than nine other oddities from this most confusing corner of Europe. [Big Think]

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