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Raglan District in northern Quebec.

ISRSE-36 Berlin – call for papers

The 36th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment is calling for papers.

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Airbus Defense and Space launches WorldDEM

Airbus Defense and Space has commercially launched WorldDEM – its highest accuracy DEM yet.

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Huge iceberg breaks away from the Antarctic

A 720 square kilometre area of ice shelf has broken away from the Pine Island glacier.

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ISPRS Vendor Hall

  Of great interest to many attendees was the Vendor Hall, attracting around 70 vendors from all around the world, each displaying the latest technologies to aid in remote sensing and photogrammetry.   One clear trend on the floor was 3D laser scanning/LiDAR hardware and software. With the majority of vendors offering one or the […]

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Single-source, global DEM nearing completion

  The German Earth observation satellite TanDEM-X, together with its twin satellite, TerraSAR-X, have completely mapped the entire land surface of Earth after only a year of service.   The data is being used by the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) – which controls both radar satellites – to create […]

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Astrium announces new elevation data products

  The GEO-Information division of Astrium Services has announced the launch of new elevation data: the GEO Elevation product suite.   These elevation models are used for high-quality image orthorectification, multi-scale mapping, terrain knowledge, water body identification, flood modelling and 3D visualization.   GEO Elevation is developed for professionals who depend on accurate terrain knowledge, […]

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Astrium restructures geospatial division

Astrium Services is to combine its satellite imagery and geo-information businesses Spot Image and Infoterra into one business division. The newly-formed geo-information division will offer a range of products and services including multisource imagery, multi-resolution optical imagery, radar satellite imagery and high value-added solutions. Astrium Services’ chief executive Eric Béranger said the move was part […]

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UK considers an Earth Observation System

  The UK is looking into deploying a remote sensing system, rather than relying on outside providers. The new space minister, David Willets, has said he will study the feasibility of providing Britain with an independent remote sensing capability according to Aviation Week. The system would probably be based on EADS’ Paradigm’s Skynet 5 satellite […]

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Presenting the World in 3D

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Cyclone Sidr Devastates Bangladesh

On 15 November 2007, a category 4 cyclone, called Cyclone Sidr, came ashore in Bangladesh. Wind speeds reached 225 km/h; some waves were eight metres high. More than 3200 people died. Bangladesh is a prisoner of its geography. Three rivers, the Brahmaputra, the Ganges and the Meghna, rise in the Himalaya mountains before they converge […]

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