Partner with FrontierSI to advance digital twin technology

By on 25 February, 2020

FrontierSI is calling for project proposals as it seeks to co-invest in digital twin projects.

Not-for-profit FrontierSI (formerly the CRC for Spatial Information) has issued a call for proposals for digital twin projects, as it seeks investment opportunities in that support the priorities of its government partners.

Drawing on a deep and storied history of co-funding research projects that push the capabilities of Australian spatial infrastructure and technology, FrontierSI is looking to leverage its experience to advance the capabilities of digital twins in Australia.

‘The benefits from the next generation spatially enabled Digital Twins will be maximised if we can collaborate, share our data and make Digital Twins accessible within an ecosystem for the broadest possible range of users,’ FrontierSI said in a statement.

‘We are determined to build the spatial capabilities across government, industry and universities to enable an ecosystem of integrated digital twins.’

Find out more and submit an expression of interest at FrontierSI’s EOI page.

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