DroneShield products certified for airport use

By on 21 May, 2018

French president Emmanuel Macron holding a DroneGun Tactical UAV interception device. Image supplied by DroneShield.

DroneShield, manufacturer of UAV detection and interception systems, has had its DroneSentinel and DroneCannon detection and jamming products independently assessed as safe for airport deployments.

The company has revealed the new certification in an ASX announcement today, with the award likely to have a considerable impact on the uptake of their drone detection and defense solutions in one of their core applications — airspace security around aerodromes and airports.

The assessment, undertaken as a prerequisite for procurement, was carried out by independent US-based radio frequency (RF) testing laboratory 360°RF.

Tests found that emitting modules in their DroneSentry and DroneSentinel systems to be non-interfering with ‘the most commonly utilised communication and navigation systems employed in the United States aviation/airport environment.’

RfOne and RadarZero, core modules within DroneShield’s DroneSentinel detection system, were judged as creating no increase in background EMI when operational, measured across a wide range of aviation frequency bands used by airports and aircraft.

DroneCannon, the drone mitigation element of the firm’s DroneSentry system, was determined to operate strictly within the advertised bands, ranges which are outside of aviation frequency bands when the device is operated in non-GPS mode.

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