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The TopoDrones were designed and built as a powerful photogrammetric mapping tool to collect accurate geospatial data for a wide range of industries.

drone2DroneMetrex has proved to be the only UAV company to develop from the start the true drone mapping system based on photogrammetric principles and only then adapted it to an airframe.
The TopoDrones capture and process aerial data with unsurpassed mapping accuracy: 10mm horizontal and better than 25mm in height.drone3The TopoDrones feature simultaneously:
1. Unique Dynamic-stabilised Active Mount to ensure near-nadir position of each photo with no “crab” (yaw);
2. Calibrated full-format camera with focal leaf shutter and Zeiss lens;
3. Direct Georeferencing Solution – mapping without ground control;
4. Extended spectrum mapping – using the same camera and changing three separate filters the following types of imagery can be captured:
a. Natural colour;
b. NIR imagery;
c. Bathymetric – mapping under water

In April 2015, for the first time in the UAV’s mapping history, DroneMetrex captured unsurpassed quality NIR data with the TopoDrone-100. From the one flight sortie vegetation analysis mapping was performed as well as accurate 3D contours/DTM mapping. The pixel resolution, data geometry and radiometric quality were unparalleled.
drone4In South Korea DroneMetrex demonstrated the Direct Georeferencing System and performed mapping of the golf course with no ground control. Accuracies were independently checked and verified: 4cm accuracy from the 4cm GSD imagery. At the end of the flight sortie, the TopoDrone-100 had to land on dirt during light rain. However, this provided no difficulties because the camera was protected by the TopoDrone’s unique protective door system.

Earlier DroneMetrex has performed a railway project in Australia. The TopoDrone-100 mapped 0,5 km on each of the four sides of the approach to the crossing intersection of the railway and the bitumen road with the unsurpassed accuracy: 2,5cm GSD aerial imagery with 25mm absolute accuracy in height. The project was aimed at creating 3D “real world” for obscurity analysis when approaching an intersection from a train driver’s perspective, and from a vehicle driver’s perspective. Secondly, high accurate mapping was performed for future civil works involving repair as well as upgrading of the existing railway.
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