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By on 9 December, 2014

13 January 2015: TfNSW 2014/047; Geotechnical Investigations Services. Transport for NSW – Geotechnical Investigations Services.

The geotechnical investigation will include the following:

  • Boreholes (on land and under water).
    • Selected boreholes must be fitted with vibrating wire piezometers (or similar) in conjunction with data loggers to continuously monitor water levels in the borehole;
    • In-situ water pressure (packer permeability) testing (WPT) must be conducted in all bores to assess the rock mass permeability;
    • In-situ stress testing must be conducted in selected bores using an agreed method such as the overcoring method;
    • The boreholes are oriented both vertically, and borehole advancement must be by non-core drilling in fill and soil and diamond core drilling in rock;
    • Borehole imaging by acoustic or optical means as agreed shall be carried out in all boreholes to measure defect orientations;
    • Pressuremeter Testing within shale units.
    • Site Survey
    • Laboratory Analysis
    • Soil Testing
    • Groundwater Testing
    • Contamination Testing
    • Sample Storage
    • Geotechnical Data Report
    • Ground Water Monitoring Report (GWMR)

The contractor will be the Principal Contractor under the WHS Act and responsible for site safety.

Specialised equipment will be necessary.

Minimum Requirements apply (as detailed in the RFT document), comprising relevant experience, resource capacity (equipment and personnel), and an accredited Safety Management System.

Contact: Dermot Thompson (02) 8265 6093 dermot.thompson@transport.nsw.gov.au.



16 January 2015: TfNSW 2014/051; Land Surveying Services. Transport for NSW – Corporate.

The Service Provider is responsible for providing Land Surveying Services for TfNSW and carrying out all necessary tasks required to complete the Services in accordance with the respective Services Brief included in the RFT documentation.

Contact: Lily Wong (All enquiries to be in writing via e-mail only) Lily.wong@transport.nsw.gov.au.

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